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Use needles & syringes only once!
With any vaccine or injectable medication, always use a separate sterile needle and syringe for each injection. Safely dispose of all used syringes and needles.

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Equine Disease
Tetanus (lockjaw)
Elevated third eyelid and stiff neck, progressing to overall muscle stiffness causing a 'sawhorse' stance.
Encephalomyelitis (sleeping sickness)
Depression and a high fever, followed by a period when the horse appears blind, nervous and uncoordinated, which progresses to muscle tremors, yawning, and eventually, complete paralysis.
Dry, hacking cough, sudden onset of fever, watery nasal discharge, weakness, stiffness, loss of appetite and depression.
Respiratory disease (fever, cough, nasal discharge), reproductive problems (abortion, stillbirth), and neurological problems (hindlimb weakness, difficulty walking, sometimes paralysis).
West Nile Virus
Fever, weakness or paralysis of the hind limbs, impaired vision, lack of coordination, head pressing, convulsions, inability to swallow, and coma.
Strangles (shipping fever)
Fever, thick, yellow, nasal discharge and swollen, abscessed lymph nodes under the jaws.
Potomac Horse Fever
High fever, depression, decreased gut sounds, and a profuse, watery diarrhea that can lead to laminitis, colic, dehydration, shock, and death.

*Our FAST SHIPPING Guarantee: Your vaccine will arrive refrigerated and fast using our expedited shipping service! We recommend vaccines be shipped 1- or 2-day express, to ensure that they arrive in peak condition. When choosing an air service for your vaccine order, 2-Day Air ships Monday-Wednesday and 1-Day Air ships Monday-Thursday. 1-Day Air with Saturday delivery ships Friday. If Saturday delivery is required, please call in your order at 1-800-826-7206.

We strongly recommend air service to ensure your vaccines arrive in peak condition. Due to the temperature sensitivity of vaccines, we will not be able to replace or accept returns on vaccines that are shipped ground service.

We sell to breeders, groomers, kennels, catteries, shelters, rescue groups, farms, adoption agencies, veterinarians and other pet enthusiasts. We do not sell to other commercial entities, distributors, etc.

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